Jul 16, 2022 • 20M

Healthy boundaries

A guided meditation to create clear and healthy boundaries

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Meditation and essential healing methods for the modern woman
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Art by Cienna Smith

Healthy boundaries are a gift for all.

Guilt, resentment, exhaustion, and passive aggression are gifts for no one.

To delve into the intimate and vulnerable process of creating the life you desire, an authentic life, a life of purpose and meaning, we need clear and healthy boundaries. 

Boundaries serve as the container filled with our own vital life force. They prevent us from feeling drained or intruded upon by other people's energy. 

They allow us to feel safe and connected to ourselves and the ones around us. 

When quiet in our center, with healthy and clear boundaries to keep the outer world at bay, we will hear that wise intuitive voice that says, this is your creative dream, or move in this direction.

Boundaries are an inside job

Although the word “boundary” implies an external reference point, healthy boundaries are an inside job. Healthy boundaries begins with self-esteem.  And it’s a reinforcing dynamic. When you create clear and healthy boundaries, your self-esteem increases. When your self-esteem increases, so does the health of your boundaries. 

Self-esteem is an embracement of your personal power. 

Boundaries asks us to stand in our power, not as an act of rebellion, but in devotion to the our highest selves. And so boundaries are self-love.

Remember, this is a process that you are capable of. 

Give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them... leading you a life you desire, an authentic life, a life of purpose and meaning. Taking the time and space for this inner work is an act of self-love that reinforces a deep sense of integrity.

Never lose faith in yourself. 

You are worth it. 

The world needs you. 

Suggestions for getting the most out of this meditation experience: 

  • Use headphones and have a journal nearby for afterward reflections.

  • Find a quiet space and remove any distractions so you can totally drop in.

  • Sit comfortably or lay down on your back.

  • Drink a glass of water when you finish. 🕊

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