Jun 26, 2022

Embodied knowing

A sonic meditation journey to cultivate clarity and intuition

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Meditation and essential healing methods for the modern woman
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Jeremy Speed Schwartz

Building awareness of our boundaries lies in the body

Healthy boundaries are known through the felt sense of your YES and your NO.

We often already know what we desire and deserve, like how we want to be treated in a relationship, or how much our work is worth, but there sometimes is a gap between what we know we want and what we’re getting. The way to close that gap is to feel our own embodied boundaries and to acknowledge and honor our holy YES and sacred NO.

Embodied knowing is your birthright. Sadly, many of us are conditioned to ignore the messages of our body. We can become rusty at listening to the ancestral wisdom that lives in every single one of our cells.

Creating a felt sense of clarity

This guided meditation is a practice to strengthen discernment and intuition. No matter what challenge or opportunity is present in your life, answers can always be found through deep listening of your embodied knowing.

This felt knowing is essential to having clear and healthy boundaries and living the life we desire. 

When we are clear on our yes and our no, we can choose to invest our time in alignment with who we really are.

Suggestions for getting the most out of this meditation experience: 

  • Use headphones.

  • Find a quiet space and remove any distractions so you can totally drop in.

  • Sit comfortably or lay down on your back.

  • Have a notebook nearby to journal about your experience after the meditation is over.

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